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Vice shutting down Waypoint

The entire team was laid off, with the publication due to close on June 2

Vice is shutting down its games publication Waypoint.

The news came via Twitter from senior writer Patrick Klepek.

"The team, myself included, have been terminated by Vice, and our final day running the website, the podcasts, and streams, will come to an end on June 2nd," he wrote.

Waypoint's official Twitter account confirmed the information soon after.

"Waypoint should have ended a long time ago," Klepek continued. "We've always been an extremely weird website – our podcast sign off is 'fuck capitalism, go home,' after all – but we survived six long years. That's a goddamn eternity in media. We tried to hold on as long as we could.

"Waypoint+ was a godsend, and to all the fans of Waypoint that showed up on day one, know that your contributions, in spirit and money, were a huge reason we weren't laid off sooner. You, alongside my talented colleagues now and over the years, made waking up every day a joy."

The publication was launched by Vice in 2016 as an evolution of its Vice Gaming section, and more recently launched premium subscription offering Waypoint+. Multiple editorial staff were laid off at Vice late last year.

This follows a number of layoffs and closure in games media, including The Washington Post shutting down its gaming section, Launcher and GameSpot and Giant Bomb affected by layoffs in January.

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